Rocket League Goal Explosions

Top 10 Best Rocket League Goal Explosions

Rocket League

These are my top 10 favourite goal explosions in Rocket League. A goal explosion is a new feature that has been recently added by Pysonix. You can choose which type of explosion you want to equip for in game by going into Garage, customise car and then scrolling all the way to the right. Each one tracks how many goals scored with it.

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The 5 common goal explosions are:
  • Classic
  • Standard green
  • Standard purple
  • Standard pink
  • Standard orange

These can all be collected by playing competitive matches, except the classic which is given to all players automatically.

However, there are currently 8 different types of rare goal explosions. Rocket League are currently adding more and more each time they release a new crate.

You can only get these Import and black market goal explosions by winning them in a crate, such as the Accelerator or the Hallows crate. Or, you can buy any of these goal explosions for cheap by clicking the button above.

  1. Popcorn-  Who doesn’t love popcorn? When a goal is scored, popcorn bursts out everywhere from the goal.
  2. Hellfire- The Hellfire goal explosion releases fire with an evil looking face that pops out in the middle of the fire.
  3. Party Time- This black market explosion can only be obtained by opening the accelerator crate which fires out party celebration items such as balloons etc.
  4. Vampire Bat- A cool looking Halloween import goal explosion where bats come swarming out of the goal.
  5. Fireworks- You will love the fire work display every time you score.
  6. Electroshock-  Dark blue cloud with lightning bolts.
  7. Sub-Zero- When a goal is scored, the goal freezes up and then the ice smashes with bits flying off.
  8. Reaper- A one time Halloween goal explosion where a ghost flies out of the goal into the air and then dabs…