How to Open Crates in Rocket League 2022

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Opening a crate brought so much excitement. Unfortunately, crates were removed in 2019 when Epic Games took over. Blueprints replaced crates and keys which led to players being guaranteed what item they would win.

Even though that excitement has gone, there is still a way to open some crates and win rewards. Aoeah have a crate opening system on their website. The only difference is that you do not actually receive that item. Instead, you gain points for the rarity of the item won. You open 20 crates and receive a points score at the end. If you finish high up, then you can receive free Rocket League credits!

Top 3 scorers receive 1,000 credits. Top 10 scorers who are outside the top 3 receive 500 credits. If you happen to be lucky enough to rank on 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th, 700th, 800th, 900th or 1000th then you will also receive 500 credits. Remember, you can enter more than once per day but do not overdo it otherwise you might be disqualified due to suspicious activity. If you are a winner then you should already have provided your epic ID so an Aoeah staff member can add you as a friend to be able to complete a trade.

What Crate gives you the best chance in winning?

You can choose any crate that was ever in the game. However, items generally diminish in value over time. This means some crates are useless for this game and will give you 0 chance in winning free credits.

The crate that gives you the best chance of winning free credits is the Players Choice Crate. You probably need to win the titanium white Zomba wheels in this crate to give yourself the best shot. These TW Zomba wheels can also be won in the Champions Crate 4 so if the Player’s Choice Crate doesn’t give you any luck, then try the Champions Crate 4.

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Good Luck in the crate openings and let us know if you win any free RL credits.