Minecraft Hypixel Server IP Address

Minecraft Hypixel Server IP Address


Hypixel server has recently become the most popular minecraft server in the world with averaging over 40,000 people playing on it at a time!

Mini Games

There are many different mini games to play on hypixel:

  • Cops and Crimes
  • Arcade games (including 16 different mini games, like bounty hunter etc)
  • UHC Champions
  • Mini walls
  • Sky clash
  • Warlords
  • Quakecraft
  • Blitz survival games (free for all)
  • Mega walls
  • The walls
  • Paintball Warfare
  • Sky Wars
  • Build Battle
  • Speed UHC
  • VampireZ
  • TNT Games- TNT run, PVP run, bow spleef, TNT tag and TNT wizards
  • Kart Racers
  • Smash Heroes
  • Arena Bowl
  • Crazy walls

These are all of the mini games that you are able to play on hypixel! If you want to know the server IP, click on this video:


Hypixel have just recently released a brand new game mode, called Prototype. Prototype is where you can test mini games that haven’t fully been released on the server and are in beta (testing). This allows you to see if you like or dislike the game before the game is actually released completely.