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What are PUBG shirts and How to get them?

As things stand, shirts are desirable pieces of equipment as they add character and style.  There are a fair few shirt designs available for players looking to spice up their characters and give them a splash of personality.

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Shirts in PUBG are purely cosmetic items that offer no form of protection. While at the moment there are no items in this category affording protection or upping capacity (the only such items are utility belts, vests and backpacks) that’s not to say there won’t be a ‘useful’ shirt going forward. Let’s have a close look at some of the more popular and desirable shirts and how to acquire them.

PUBG Grey Shirt

It’s an inauspicious name for a piece of equipment, but the subtle appeal of this shirt cannot be understated. When you consider that the Steam price for this shirt has exceeded $128 (it currently stands around $50), you can begin to see that it is a highly desirable item. It looks a little like the sort of shirt worn by Joel in PlayStation exclusive blockbuster The Last Of Us. It’s distressed, washed with speckles of blood red and oozes style and sex appeal.  Now, the only way to get the shirt is on the market, but it was part of the PlayerUnknown set which away in the early access pre-order.

PUBG School Shirt

I wish my old school shirts were as awesome as these. You could say they are too cool for school (sorry!)…Available in three different styles – standard, open and with blue necktie – the school shirts are available on the Steam marketplace or in the Gamescom Invitational Crate (standard; tie) or Wanderer Crate (open).

PUBG Floral Shirt

It may be a fairly violent game, but here’s something for the inner hippie in you! Available in standard design with rolled up sleeves and faded floral pattern and black and white variants the floral shirt can be found in Wanderer crates (standard) and Biker crates (both black and white). The black floral shirt looks absolutely amazing.

PUBG Orange Shirt

A very cool distressed short sleeved shirt in yes, you guessed it orange, this shirt features some strange crescent moon and star symbols reminiscent of the night and day Turkish emblem and is nothing short of badass. Complete with arm strap and band, this item goes for around $3 and is also found in the Gamescom Invitational Crate.

PUBG Checkered Shirt

Available in white or red (by far the more impressive option in my opinion) the checkered shirts can be found in Survivor crates or purchased on the Steam marketplace for under a dollar (white) or just over 4 dollars (red).

PUBG Twitch Prime Shirt

For those of you living in a cave, Twitch is the gamer’s streaming site of choice and to celebrate its contribution to gaming PUBG honoured it in June 2017 with the launch of the Twitch Prime shirt. The tight fitting dark industrial grey shirt is topped off with a very cool purple neck tie, which is tied around the right arm and looks killer. The shirt is found in Twitch Prime crates and is part of a complete outfit.