Rocket League player banner

Top 10 Rocket League Player Banners

Rocket League

Rocket League banners are the background design behind your name. You can find these banners at the bottom left of your screen on the main menu, after scoring a goal or after winning a match. Rocket League banners can be obtained by receiving them after playing matches, buying them or trading with other rocket league items.

Top 10 Rocket League Banners

These are my top 10 favourite Rocket League banners at the moment: Some of your favoured banners may not be included in this list due to Pysonix constantly releasing new items.

  1. Salty – I personally use this player banner myself. It’s an animated salt shaker where salt is poured across the banner. Perfect for when your opponent’s rage!
  2. Calculated – Score lucky goals quite often? Or get opponents claiming you’re lucky? Then this may be perfect for you with the ‘EZ’ written on the calculator.
  3. Zombie – A very rare banner that can be obtained through opening the Haunted hallow crate which has a spooky look.
  4. Howler – A limited edition which was only available to be purchased through the Halloween event in 2017. However, you can still receive this item by buying it on the button link above or by trading with other players on the game.
  5. Turtle – Enjoy scoring turtle goals? Then this is a must-have which would fit brilliantly with your goal celebration.
  6. Starbase ARC – This simple looking design is suited to fit with the new Starbase map that was released last season.
  7. Nice Slice – Who doesn’t love pizza?
  8. Call Sign RL – The cute penguin’s helmet is available in most paints such as crimson, forest green, saffron, cobalt and much more. Depending on the colour you want it in, the prices may vary as the better the colour the higher the price.
  9. Dead Serious – This scary-looking banner is also available in a lot of different paints. Most colours are cheaper than the default colour too!
  10. Dendritic – A fancy design made for possibly someone who loves art.

You can change the background colour of all banners by going to your garage in the game menu if you’re unhappy with the default background colour.