Rocket League Christmas event

Rocket League Christmas Special Event

Rocket League

With the Haunted Hallow event coming close to an end, will Pysonix be doing another event like this at Christmas?

Why not? With the success of this Halloween event, I’m sure there will be a special Christmas event taking place soon.

Haunted Hallow Event

What exactly is the Haunted Hallow event? It was brought out into the game on October 16 and finishes on November 13. You receive candy corns after each online match you fully complete. These can then be used by redeeming rocket league items such as: toppers, decals, decryptor keys and you can also buy rocket league crates for free with the candy achieved after matches.

Decryptor Keys

Over the course of this event, you can obtain a maximum of 3 decryptor keys, each for 50 candies. This enables you to open any crate for free of cost. However, the item gained is untradeable and therefore it cannot be traded or sold to other players.

Crate- Haunted Hallow

This is the crate that can be redeemed by using the candy corns. Likewise, this can be opened with a decryptor key and also an ordinary key. Additionally, these are the items that can be won inside the crate:

Rocket League Decals:

  • Widow’s web
  • Stiches
  • Afterlife
  • Thanatos


  • Revenant
  • Grimalkin
  • Cauldron


  • Zombie


  • Scary Pumpkin

Goal Explosions:

  • Reaper
  • Vampire bat
What to expect in the Christmas Special Event?

As most people would argue that Christmas is a bigger and more exciting time, Pysonix will definitely be looking to make this event even more entertaining.

  • A new crate? With there been a Halloween crate, it is likely that a Christmas crate will be released shortly.
  • Like last Christmas, Toppers and antennas were available to be won by playing games.
  • Since last year, banners; goal explosions have been added to the game.