Rocket League kick off goals lucky?

Rocket League – Are Kick Off Goals Lucky?

Rocket League

When you score a kick off goal, you are probably called being lucky by your opponent. But are you actually lucky?

In fact, kick off goals are not lucky at all! There are many different rocket league kick off strategies that you can use. Such as: Fast kick off, slow kick off and fake kick off.

Does the Car Matter?

Different cars are good for certain typed of kick offs. For example the octane is quite a fast car and is therefore the best rocket league car for fast kick offs. Whereas, the Merc is quite a slow car but is like a tank. This can be good for over powering your opponent in the kick off.


Try and start noticing your car position and your opponent’s car position. This can be beneficial for when your opponent might be out of position or has gone for a quick start. When a player goes for a fast kick off, they will try and position their car so it hits the ball at the side. So to counter this, try to put your car where they are going to hit it.

The same if for 50/50’s. If you can notice car positions, then you will be able to score a lot more goals in a match.

A good way to practice this is in training or just trying different things in unranked games. Also, there are many kick off tutorials on youtube, such as JohnnyBoi_i. In this video, Johnny talks about how ScrubKilla (the best 1v1 player in the world) wins most of his kick offs):