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Rocket League Octane vs Octane ZSR

Rocket League

Is the octane and octane ZSR different or similar? Many people have been wondering which car is the better out of the two.

Even though both of the octanes are in my rocket league best cars and are in my top 2, they are both the same in my opinion.

I have played with both cars for a decent amount of time and they both feel the exact same. So why did Pysonix release two octanes? The octane ZSR was the copied version of the octane. They released another octane because of the success that the first octane got. The majority of the pro players at the rocket league championship series used the octane car and so do the majority of the players. This is why Pysonix brought out another version.

How to get the Octane ZSR

You can win the octane ZSR in crates 1 and 4. To get crates, all you need to do is to just play games but to open them you need a key. Keys can be bought in the rocket league shop for fairly cheap.

Another way of getting the car is by trading. Trading can be done on various websites, the rocket league discord and also the mock-it esports discord.


On the other hand, the Octane ZSR has much better starting decals than the normal car. On the regular one, the designs seem quite plain and boring. But if you are into opening crates and trading, in my opinion, the normal octane has the better designs.