Rocket League Season 3 Rewards

Rocket League

Rocket League season 3 is coming close to an end! Want to get yourself some fancy, extremely rare wheels and titles?

Rocket League season 3 is soon coming to an end and Rocket League Season 4 updates are coming closer and closer! Psyonix are giving out some amazing wheels and titles to everyone! Depending on what rank you are by the end of the season, depends on what type of wheels you receive. So get practicing! Because the higher your rank, the cooler wheels you get.

Here are the ranks you need to be to get the different types of wheels:

  • If you are prospect then you receive Season 3 prospect wheels.
  • If you get to challenger then you receive Season 3 Challenger wheels.
  • If you are able to reach rising star or higher, then you get the Season 3 Star Wheels!
  • Finally, if you get Champion or higher, then you receive the Season 3 Champion Wheels!

The higher you get, the better and cooler the wheels look. Also, if you reach Champion, then you get all of the wheels below that. That’s also the same for rising and challenger. If you reach Rising but then get dropped down to challenger, you still receive the Star wheels.

Grand Champion Title:

Like all other seasons, if you reach Grand Champion (the highest rank) then you will get a ‘Season 3 Grand Champion’ title.