scum early access gameplay

Scum Early Access Gameplay & Highlights

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Scum is a new multiplayer survival video game playable on PC. Currently in early access and beta, you can purchase it through Steam for around £15.49.

However, you may be wanting to have a quick peak on what the game is actually like such as graphics, objectives and more before you make the purchase. So we’ve put together scum highlights from your favourite twitch streamers like Shroud, Lirik and many more.

Third or first person?

In fact, Scum can be played in both first person and also third person perspective depending on which one you prefer. Although the game allows your character to be in third person, anything your character can’t see will be blurred when third person peeking.


How popular is Scum?

Scum was released in early access August 2018 after being announced in August 2017. After the first day of release,¬†Gamepires (the developers) have sold over 250,000 copies to players round the world which grew to 700,000 after the first week. Since the release, Scum has been in the top 10 most viewed categories on platforms such as Twitch, gaining an average of 50,000 viewers at once during peak times. Maybe the game won’t be a large as Fortnite but its definitely on track to become one of the most popular games once they release the full game in 2019.