Top 10 Best Rocket League Tips

Top 10 Best Rocket League Tips

Rocket League

These are my top 10 rocket league tips for all different standards of players, including beginners and advanced players. 

  • Choosing your Car-

    Choosing your car when you first start playing rocket league can be very difficult. Likewise, even for advanced players, choosing your car can also be difficult. Depending on your play style should depend on which car you prefer.

    At the Rocket League Championship Series last season, the majority of the pro players used the Octane car. I personally prefer using the octane as you are able to get a great deal of power on the ball. The octane is also a good all round car as its not too big but not too small at the same time. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use the octane. Like I said before, choosing which car you like all depends on your play style. Some other pro players like to use the Batmobile car. You can purchase the Batmobile car in the rocket league store for $1.99. The Batmobile is incredibly good for dribbling the ball on top of your car and for controlling aerials. Additionally, the Dominus GT is an extremely popular car used by a lot of the people that play rocket league. Its that popular that the Dominus GT car was put into the players choice crate where everyone could vote for what they wanted to be in this new crate called the ‘Player’s Choice Crate’.

    Want to customise your own car? Psyonix are going to be releasing a brand new car on April 4 called ‘Ice Charger’. The Rocket League Ice Charger Car will allow you to customise it to whatever style you want it too look. This will be the first ever car in rocket league that will allow you to customise your own car. You will be able to purchase this very new Ice Charger car on the 4th April for $1.99 in the rocket league store. There are many other Rocket League best cars, but these are just a few of them.

  • Training-

    Playing matches are not always the best way to improve your game. In a game, if you feel that you can’t do a certain shot, save or trick then going on training can help improve any part of your game you want.

    I would personally advise that you go on custom training as this allows you to do whatever shot or save you want. On custom training, you can either create your own or use other training packs that other people have made. The training packs that are under the featured category are all made and used by the pro players, like Kronovi. These can improve your game massively. On the other hand, creating a new sequence allows you to practice whatever you want. Creating a sequence for the first time can sometimes be complicated, but once you know how to set them up, it can become straightforward. In custom training, you can move the ball to different positions, change the power of the ball, change the timing allowed for each shot, change how high the ball goes and you can also change the position of the car. All of this allows you to practice whatever shot or save you wish.

  • Half Flip-

    The half flip is used by all of the pro players and it can take practice to master it. A half flip is the fastest way to turn your car 180 degrees, so you can either turn to face the ball or turn your car to get back to goal faster. Unsure of how to half flip in rocket league? Then watch this video which explains exactly how to do a half flip in rocket league:

  • Watching Pro Players-

    Watching pro players on either YouTube or Twitch can be one of the best ways to improve your game. Most of the Top 10 Rocket League Players stream on Twitch and have YouTube channels. Some of these YouTubers do tutorials and other videos on how you can improve your game.

    Currently, is the Rocket League Championship Series, where the top few 3v3 teams in the world are battling it out for a massive price pool. You can watch some of this on twitch at weekends. Knowing how these pro players play means that you are able to learn from them and improve your game. There is a new RLCS every few months/ new season, so there is always plenty to watch.

    If you are wanting to improve your freestyle shots and skills, then JHZER is the YouTuber to watch. However, if you are wanting to improve on your competitive matches, then YouTubers like Squishy Muffinz and gReizymeister are the kind of people to go and watch.

  • Lag-

    Making sure that you have no lag whilst playing the game is one of the most crucial things for you to win matches. If you have high ping and are constantly disconnecting from games then it can be very difficult and challenging win matches.

    There are many ways to reduce Rocket League lag. These can be exceptionally simple, such as restarting your game or monitor. However, sometimes it may be the Rocket League server lag, which means you aren’t able to fix the lag. There are also other methods on how you can reduce lag in rocket league, like making sure that your game is on full screen and not on windowed. This makes your PC (if you’re on PC) focus on just rocket league and not other things around your page.

  • Double Jump- 

    The double jump is a very effective skill in Rocket League. A double jump can be used for many different circumstances. One being to get to aerials faster than you opponents. When you set off for an aerial, if you jump again straight after almost, then your car will jump a little higher. This is why its called the double jump as you jump twice. This can allow you to beat other players to a ball that is high in the air and it also saves boost.

    Another way that you can use double jump to your advantage is when dribbling. Keeping the ball on top of your car and then double jumping can sometimes lob the opponent that is coming to challenge you. If you wish and you have the skills, then after you double jump to lob the oncoming opponent, you can then air dribble the ball into the opposition’s goal making it even harder for them to save it.

    Finally, double jumping can also come in handy when you have very little boost or no boost what so ever. Especially when trying save a high shot, learning how to double jump will enable you to be able to save and cover much more of the net.

  • Camera Settings-

    Changing your camera settings to your personal preference can be important as it can suit your style of play. There are many different possibly camera settings that you can possibly use.

    These are what I think are the best camera settings in Rocket League. These camera settings are used by Torment and a few other pro players too. If you aren’t keen on these camera settings, then keep changing the settings and trying new things out, until you find something that you feel comfortable to play with.

  • Kick Offs-

    Kick offs are essential to be able to win a lot of games in Rocket League. Changing the kick off you use constantly can confuse your opponents on what kick off you are going to use next. There are so many different kick offs you can use in a match. These are some of the most important kick offs:

    Fast Kick Off-

    Fast kick offs are where you beat the other player to the ball before they hit it. These can be advantageous as it can enable you to score a goal straight from the kick off, as you eliminate one of your opponents straight away from the play. If you are playing in a 1v1, then this can give you an open goal. However, fast kick offs can be risky to do in a 1v1 as it may go wrong and you miss the ball completely. They take a lot of practice to master and you can practice them in unranked matches or by setting your own training exercise in the custom training.

    Fake Kick Off-

    A fake kick off is precisely how it sounds. You pretend to hit the ball but instead miss it. This can be beneficial as it can give you ball possession and a good chance to score. The most commonly used fake kick off is when all of your team start in the middle because then the other team hit it straight to you, instead of to the side. Once you have done the fake, you can either shoot straight away or build up a passing play. The passing play is easier to do in 3v3.

    Slow Kick Off-

    Getting the first touch from the kick off isn’t always the best option. Generally, whoever hits the ball last ends up winning the kick off. By going a tiny bit slower on your kick off means that when your opponent hits the ball, you will get the second touch. But if you go too slow, then your opponent can get the ball past you.