buy rocket league crates

How to Buy & Get Rocket League Crates

Rocket League
2020 Update

Crates no longer exist after the update in late 2019. They have now been replaced with blueprints to remove the ‘luck’ and “gambling” factor of opening crates.

Opening a crate guarantees you an item. However, not all items you can win are rare. There are different crates such as the accelerator crate, victory crate, and many more. Each one allows you to win different items. The newer the crate, the higher the value of the items in them are due to not many people possessing these items.

Ways to receive crates:
  1. Buy Crates

    You can buy Rocket League items such as crates for extremely cheap on item selling websites.

Along with buying crates, you can also sell any crates you have that you might not need. However, if item selling sites have too many of that type of crate in stock, then you will be unable to sell it. Buying or selling items is 100% reliable and once purchased, a mod will invite you to trade within minutes.

        2. Playing Games

Who doesn’t love a free crate given to them? Yes, just by playing games, there is a small chance of getting a free crate gifted to you. This includes playing both casual and competitive matches. On the other hand, old crates such as champions crate 1 & 2 are no longer available to be gained through online matches. These are only available through buying or trading with other players.

         3. Trading

Trading with other players is basically swapping items. For example, if someone wants 4 accelerator crates and you want 1 key, you might trade with them so you give them the 4 crates and you receive the key. This is done by sending a friend request to one another, right-clicking (pc) on their icon when on the game menu, and then clicking invite to trade. However, be wary of any people trying to scam you as you won’t be able to get your items back.

Where can I find someone that wants to trade? You can either search in google: Rocket League trade. Or, if you have discord then you can trade on multiple Rocket League public discord servers such as RL Insider.

         4. Events

Events such as the Halloween event is currently going on at the moment. After each game completed, you receive candy corn which then allows you to redeem Halloween items, like the new Haunted Hallow crate. Even though this is only available for a limited amount of time, i’m sure Pysonix will do more events like this in the future, e.g. Christmas.