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Rocket League

There are many different types of Rocket League items such as goal explosions, toppers, decals, wheels plus many more and you can buy or sell them below for cheap prices.
Whether you play on PC/Steam, Xbox, Ps4 or even Nintendo Switch, you are able to buy any Rocket League item you want in any type of paint.

Why you should use Digidang:

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  2. Quick delivery times- It can take between 5-120 mins for you to receive your item/s.
  3. 100% secure- Buying items with Digidang is 100% safe and when you purchase your item, a mod will trade you the item as soon as possible.
  4. 100% money back- If you buy an item but then decide you no longer want it, then you can get a full refund if you cancel your purchase before you receive the item.
  5. Live Support- With a 24/7 support chat, you can ask any questions or problems you have and get a reply within seconds.

Rocket League Items that you can Buy and Sell

These are some examples:

  • Keys – Buy individual keys for cheaper than buying them in game and get discounts for buying in bulk
  • Crates – Not getting much luck by receiving crates after playing matches? You can buy crates for ridiculously cheap
  • Goal explosions – Buy a cool looking goal explosion for when you score goals
  • Wheels – Grab yourself an awesome looking pair of wheels to match your car design
  • Cars – Don’t like your current car? See if you play better with another type of body
  • Decals- Decals are the design on your car that can your car stand out