Fortnite Building Tips used by Pro Players


Want to improve in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Unlike other Battle Royale games such as PUBG, Fortnite is not all about your aim and positioning. Building is the most important skill as it can help you gain an advantage in many different situations:

  • Building in Fortnite can allow you to gain the high ground whilst in a fight
  • Stop an enemy’s bullet from hitting you
  • Allow you to heal up
  • Give you more time to loot up
  • Be able to reach chests and loot above you

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Here are some of my top tips to help you improve your building skills:
  • Memorising buttons

Before we get to the building, its important to memorise what buttons to press on your controller/keyboard and mouse, E.g. on Xbox controls, you press Lb and Rb to switch between the building blocks. There are four different building blocks, the wall, floor, stairs and diamond. Each one has their own purpose which we will get onto soon. When you’re in the middle of a fight, the last thing you want to do is too look at which button to press for which building block. You’re basically asking to be killed if so!

  • Knowing when to use each building block

The wall can be used for different purposes. Firstly, it can be useful for immediate situations. For instance, when an enemy is shooting at you from behind. Placing a wall here can prevent any more bullets from hitting you. However, it can easily be shot down so be prepared to repair quickly. Also, if you’re in a situation where you are in the open and you’re fighting someone then placing a wall at either side and behind you can stop anyone else from ruining your 1v1 contest. Finally, if there is loads of loot on the floor or you are low on health, then placing walls around you can allow you to take more time looting to make sure you don’t miss any good items or give you time to heal up before going out again.

The floor can be used to place launchpads or campfires which both need to be placed on flat grounds. Like I said before, the floor can also be used to protect yourself as a roof when healing or looting in case someone attempts to get the high ground.

Another important building block is the stairs. Used to gain height advantage when in a fight which will increase your chances of coming out on top and to also reach chests which are usually in a roof or somewhere high.

I personally don’t use the diamond or the roof shape as some people call it due to it doing similar jobs as others. However, some players use this on top of fortresses instead of stairs. This allows them to pop up and cover their fortress at multiple sides.

Gathering Resources

Obviously, you can’t build without resources. Each shape costs you 10 resources of each material. Its important to gather as much wood, stone and metal as possible throughout the game and unsure you have enough for any possible fight at all times.

How many resources do I need?

Each material is capped at 999 each so the maximum you can hold altogether is almost 3000. Depending on your play style may depend on how much you need. If you’re an aggressive player then you may need a minimum of around 500 altogether but remember, if you kill a player then you will gain their resources too.

  • High Ground

Like I mentioned earlier, being higher up than your opponent in a fight can increase your chances of killing them massively. You can watch Myth below who is named one of the best Fortnite players in the world. In this particular example he takes the high ground against someone set up in their fortress and is able to kill his opponent who initially had the high ground.

This example above is more suitable for players that play aggressive in their play style. However, this will still be a success the majority of the time for when the other guy is on the ground.

  • Fortresses

Some people go over the top with fortresses in my view. Like the guy in the video above, his fortress was so big that he couldn’t constantly be checking all sides. If you watch pro players on YouTube or Twitch, then you will notice that 99% of the time they only build fortresses in they are getting shot at from behind or at the very late stages of the game when there is only a few players remaining.

In this video, the guy explains some good useful tips about fortresses that may be beneficial to you.