Fortnite win boosting

Fortnite Win Boosting


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Struggling to get wins in Fortnite? Well this is a cheap, fast and easy way to get wins in Fortnite. If its solo, duo’s and squads or whatever platform you play on, you are able to buy wins. In addition, you also may have the option to duo boost with the booster. This means that you can play with the booster to get you your win. By doing this, you don’t have to give your account details away and you may learn new skills and tactics along the way. All boosters are either pro players or have lots of experience and are exceptionally skilled.

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Fortnite Battle Royale

This is a free version that has exploded massively round the world, with millions of people now playing. 100 players start off and parachute to their preferred location to loot up. With the circle shrinking every few minutes, this brings players closer together and battles start taking place much more often. Your aim is to survive and eliminate others and be the last man standing to gain yourself the victory!

Similar to games such as PUBG but with slight twists. Fornite’s cartoon characteristics enable players to build structures in order to gain cover and to also break buildings to gather resources which can be used to build the structures.

Coloured Guns

You may be wondering what do the different coloured guns in Fortnite mean?

  • Grey – This is a common gun that you will find repeatedly
  • Green – An uncommon gun that will be found a number of different times
  • Blue – Slightly rarer that you may find once in a while
  • Purple – An epic gun that will shred anything in its path
  • Orange – The legendary gun that you desire to get but you are extremely lucky if you come across one