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How to Complete the Rocket League Nike FC Cup Event

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The Nike FC cup event is now live on Rocket League. Epic Games and Nike have paired up for this world cup to deliver fun challenges and cool items to the RL community.

If you have not launched the game since this event has been launched, a pop up of the event will show. If you have already launched the game but skipped through the popup then you can access the event on the right when in the main menu.

If you haven’t done so already, you need to scan a QR code. This is found on the pop up or the event homepage, only for those who haven’t scanned it. To scan it, use your phone’s camera and make sure the whole QR code is in shot and visible. Sometimes being too close does not work. Keep the phone still then a link should pop up to take you to the Rocket League and Nike FC cup page.

What Country should I select in the Nike FC Cup?

Once you have signed in, you can select a country to represent. Countries not playing in the world cup are available for selection. Warning! You may not want to select your own country. The image below shows the current standings:

rocket league nike fc cup

The event has only been live for a couple days so it is still very tight at the top. With a long way to go, we’re certain these standings will change.

We recommend choosing one of the top countries to represent as this gives you the best chance in winning. Trust us, you will want to win or at least place in the top 4 in the event to receive the rewards.

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Nike FC Cup Placement Rewards

Every player representing the country that finishes 1st receive:

  • “NIKE FC CUP MVP” title
  • A titanium white Nike FC goal explosion
  • 1x Import drop

Every player representing the countries that finish 2nd, 3rd & 4th receive:

  • A titanium white Nike FC goal explosion
  • 1x Import drop

Countries finishing in the top 42 also receive item drop rewards ranging from import drops to rare drops depending how high they finish.

How to Score Points in the Nike FC Cup

You score points for your chosen country by playing matches, scoring goals, assists and saves.

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Nike FC Cup Challenges

The event doesn’t just stop there. There are also challenges to complete. These challenges reward players with world cup items such as world cup banners, decals, and more for all the countries involved.

rocket league nike challenges

How to complete the Nike FC Cup Challenges

The first challenge is to play 1 online match. You then need to open the reward before continuing. This is because the first reward is all the countries’ player banners and all other challenges require you to have a world cup country banner equipped whilst completing them.

To equip a player banner, go to your main menu. Then click ‘profile’ >> ‘Choose Banner’. All the world cup banners are in a folder at the very top named ‘Federation Banners’. Equip one of these banners then you are able to complete all remaining challenges.