Fix xinput1_3.dll Error in Rocket League

How To Fix xinput1_3.dll Error When Rocket League Not Launching

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So you have downloaded the Rocket League game, but it’s not launching. It is showing the xinput1_3.dll error. If you are looking for a solution to fix this issue, then you are in the right place.

The xinput1_3.dll error message pops up when you try to launch a new game or software. In this case, it is Rocket League. There could be many things that may have caused the error. However, it mainly happens because of some problems with Microsoft DirectX. But there is nothing to panic about as it can be very well fixed.

If download xinput1_3 is missing or not found in your system, then all you have to do is download xinput1_3 DLL file online.

Solution To Fix xinput1_3.dll Error

In the section below, we have provided some easy solutions following which you can solve your issues. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Method 1: Install the DirectX version of the affected application

By downloading the DirectX version of the software, you can fix the problem. 

Most of the time, developers provide a copy of DirectX in the installation disc of the application or game. This version is compatible with all Windows versions. So check your application or game for its DirectX program. If it’s not there, you will have to download it online.

Once you get the DirectX file, you can start fixing the xinput1_3.dll error. This should solve your problem.

Solution 2: Update your Microsoft DirectX

In many cases, just updating the DirectX file can solve the problem. To start with this step, you need to first download and install the latest updates of DirectX on your device. This can be done by following the steps below.

  1. The first thing you need to do is visit the official Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.
  2. Tick the checkbox for any added downloads or you can simply ignore it and click No Thanks.
  3. Now you need to save the file to a specified path on your computer.
  4. In this step, you need to launch the setup file and install the DirectX updates. Follow the instructions as shown on the screen.

Make sure that you have a strong internet connection as it is required for installing and updating the DirectX file. This method can fix the xinput1_3.dll error and thereby, you should be able to launch your game.

Solution 3: Reinstall the program

Since you are unable to launch the Rocket league because of the xinput1_3.dll error, you should reinstall the game after uninstalling it. When you reinstall the game, it will replace the corrupted xinput1_3.dll files with new ones. This should solve the problem for you.

Here is what you have to do to complete the process:

  1. At first, go to the control panel of your computer.
  2. Now go through the list of software and applications that are installed on your PC. Double-click on Rocket Launch to select it.
  3. Follow the uninstallation prompts to remove the game from your PC.
  4. Now download the game again from a reliable source or its official website.
  5. In this step, you need to launch the installer and follow all the instructions as shown on the screen. Let the installation process get completed.
  6. Once it is installed, you can finally open your game. This should have solved the problem which means you can now play the game.

You can follow any of these methods to solve the xinput1_3.dll error on your computer. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly, or you will end up messing the entire process.