League of Legends Mid Lane Tier List

League Of Legends Mid Lane Tier List


League of Legends is one of the most exciting games you will play. There are many champions in the game and some of them are stronger than the others.

Mid lane is an easy role to carry with as you have access to all the parts of the map. A good mid laner should be able to roam the lanes while keeping pressure on their mid lane enemies. Champions who are capable of doing so are indispensable.

In this post, we will discuss the tier list of the best Mid Lane Champions. If you want to know more about it, then you should visit LeagueOfCounters.com.

Tier List

As you already know there are different tiers in the LOL game. Each tier has a set of champions with unique capabilities. The tier list goes somewhat like this:

  1. God tier
  2. S tier
  3. A tier
  4. B tier
  5. C tier

Here you go with the LOL Mid Lane tier list:

God Tier

  1. Diana: Diana is great in mid lane. Her potential lies in poke solid and eye-watering. Also, she can survive and win easily against the likes of Fizz.
  1. Ekko: The best thing about Ekko that he can master any location. With his skills, he can do much more than just controlling the mid lane. He comes with a kit full of survival and utility.
  1. Kassadin: He has an excellent passive add to his ability to avoid a collision. He can also gain magic resistance. This makes him more advantageous in mid lane. He may fall weak to melee champions who are not magic-based, but he can still control mid with ease.

S Tier

  1. Ahri: Ahri happens to be the most common pick in mid lane. She can poke and retreat while controlling her lane. Not just that but she also comes with great late-game utility.
  1. Galio: He is stronger than support. Although he can be poked, he can dive easily with Sheild of Durand or Justice punch.
  1. Nocturne: He comes with excellent defensive ability in Shroud of Darkness. He is mainly known to play aggressively.

A Tier

  1. Annie: She optimises the tier for mid lane. She has a clear and solid poke with a burst. She may not be too much, but at least she serves as a good extra body.
  1. LeBlanc: She has a high skill ceiling. Most importantly, she is brilliant in the mid lane and also uses her full potential. She has a kit filled with tools to confuse and punish. She is also slippery and hard to pin down.
  1. Lux: Lux happens to be a popular champion. She comes with a lot of utility and damage. Unlike others, she is capable of rooting multiple opponents, blast, and slow them.

B Tier

  1. Azir: Although he comes with an interesting kit, he has poor defenses. He has sand soldiers that are easy to dodge. However, he can pressure players quite easily.
  1. Irelia: It is difficult to avoid Irelia in the top lane, but works great in mid lane. She has bladesurge that provides great mobility.
  1. Kayle: Kayle is just average in mid lane. However, she does great in mid to late game. She also has a lot of value when there is a team fight. It’s all because of her kit that is useful to others.

C Tier

  1. Aatrox: He is a solid top lane, but gives a poor performance in mid lane. The good thing is that he is easy to read. His telegraphs are forgiving and it helps him to play badly.
  1. Corki: Corki needs some serious improvement in his kit. He is easy to avoid and also lacks in utility and damage. In short, he is nothing like the other champions.
  1. Karma: No matter, where she plays, Karma is great. She has a powerful AOE slow, a shield for her ally, and a tether for rooting. Also, she comes with an ultimate right from level 1 and aids in early snowballing.

Well, that’s all you needed to know about the League of Legends mid lane tier list. These are some of the top champions from each tier list.