ArcadianMC Server IP Address

Minecraft ArcadianMC Server IP Address


ArcadianMC is a minecraft server that consists of hundreds of players on their server at a time. They get hundreds of votes every day for what people think are the best server in the world. Their peak times are from between 8 pm and 10 pm.  Arcadian are competing with many other popular minecraft servers to become the best server in the world.

ArcadianMC Server IP Address

The Arcadian server IP address is:

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Mini Games

You are able to play many mini games on the Arcadian server. Some of these include:

  • Sky Block and Sky block X
  • KitPvP
  • Sky Clans
  • Prison

These are the main mini games on the server.


Furthermore, you can buy ranks, crate keys and many other different items in the shop. Not to mention, discounts happen quite often on the Arcadian server, so watch out for any discounts if you are wanting to buy any ranks. For example, for the Prison game mode, the different ranks you can purchase are:

  • Miner rank for $15.00
  • Merchant rank for $30.00
  • Lord rank for $50.00
  • Enhanced rank for $75.00

These ranks are only for the Prison game mode and there are different rank names for other games. Also, these may sound expensive, but with discounts they become much cheaper.