Minecraft CubeCraft Server IP Address

Minecraft CubeCraft Server IP Address


CubeCraft is currently in the top 10 minecraft servers in the world! CubeCraft attracts tens of thousands of players every day and has many different mini games for you to play.

Some of these mini games include:

  • Tower Defence
  • Block wars
  • Egg wars
  • Sky Wars
  • Survival Games

These are just a few of CubeCraft’s most popular mini games that they offer.

Want to join the CubeCraft server? Watch this video to find out the CubeCraft Server IP:

UHC- New Game modes

CubeCraft are always working on bringing out new game modes for their players and they have recently released UHC in 3 different game modes: Normal, Speed and Team.

What is UHC? UHC is a game mode in minecraft where you have to kill all of the other players and be the last man standing. However, its not quite that simple. At the beginning of the game, you start with nothing and your aim is to get as many weapons and armour as you can. Also, if you lose hearts, you can’t gain them back unless if you make golden apples.

What do the different game modes of UHC mean? The Normal game mode last much longer than the Speed UHC game mode. The Speed UHC game mode gives you speed, trees are cut down faster and ores are also found much quicker. You also only have 10 minutes to get your resources and weapons and then everyone is put into a battle arena where everyone battles it out. Team UHC is normal UHC, but where you are put with a team mate.