Minecraft Multiplayer

Minecraft Multiplayer PC


How to play Minecraft multiplayer?

You first need to open up your Minecraft on your computer and press play. Then once your Minecraft has loaded, click on multiplayer. If you haven’t already added any Minecraft servers to your list, it should look blank.

Adding Minecraft servers to multiplayer

If you are wanting to add some servers, click “add server”.

In the server name box, type in the name of the server that you are wanting to add to your list. Then in the server address box, add the ip address of the server that you are adding.

If you are unsure of any servers to add, here are some of the popular servers. All of these servers have thousands of players on at a time and some are owned by huge YouTubers. Such as the Vikkcraft ip and the SaicoPvP ip.

Mineplex Server IP:


Nexus V2 Server IP:


Vikkcraft Server IP:


SaicoPvP Server IP:


Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket edition is where you can play minecraft on your phone, on single player and multiplayer. Mineplex have currently released Mineplex pocket edition, so you can play on their server whilst on your phone on Minecraft pocket edition. If you want to know the mineplex server IP pocket edition, then click this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zp8VY9dr1A  

Having problems connecting to Minecraft servers?

If you are having problems connecting to any servers, check that you are using the correct Minecraft version. If you are not sure how to change your version, click on ‘edit profile’ once you have loaded Minecraft (Before you click play). Then click on ‘use version’ and change your minecraft version to what ever version the server requires.