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Minecraft PhanaticMC Server IP Address


The Minecraft server, PhanaticMC has been a popular server for many years with its continued growth. Known highly for Factions, there are also many other game modes you can play. These include skywars, survival, prison, PvP duels and many more for players to enjoy.

With Factions a popular game mode on the server, some of the latest updates that Phanatic have released over the past week are TNT banks enabling factions to store a limited amount of TNT.

Another new feature is an upgrade to the printer for the use of cannons. This has been improved through not having to have the supplies bought from shop and instead supplies are instantly bought from shop automatically.

The mob arena is also a new warp where rewards can be won from fighting mobs. Finally, the harvesting hoes now have a chance to drop ultra keys whilst still allowing players to immediately sell crops and not having to warp to the shop for each sell.

To play this server, check out the server IP here:

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