SaicoPvP server ip

Minecraft SaicoPvP Server IP Address


SaicoPvP is a minecraft server that is played by thousands of players every day. It is owned by  well known YouTubers called CreepersEdge OhTekkers who both have almost 400k subscribers.


SaicoPvP server is completely faction based. Having 7 different factions servers including the new release of Ender, it is one of the most popular minecraft servers in the world. However, Saico aren’t a normal factions server. Each mob drops a head which you can then go on and sell for some money. The higher up the tier of mob spawner, the higher the heads sell for. Then, when you sell heads you gain experience and when you get enough experience you can rank up to the next tier of spawner. But you cannot place spawners down that are a higher level than you. The aim of the game is to beat other factions and become the richest on the server.

SaicoPvP Server IP

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The 7 different faction servers that you can choose to play are: Skeleton, Zombie, Wither, Blaze, Magma, Witch and finally Ender. You can also buy ranks varying from £5 to £150. However, there are many discounts that happen on Saico, so you can get these ranks for lower. By buying a rank, they can allow you to have better armour from doing kits, have more homes, have more commands and overall give you more of an advantage to win the game.

On the Server, you can also join a Factions cannon testing. This allows you to test any cannons that you want to see if they work on the server. Timings of the cannons are the same to the factions servers, so whatever works on the testing server will work on any of the factions servers.