SkittleMC IP address

Minecraft SkittleMC Server IP Address


SkittleMC is a new, unique Minecraft survival server that offers a friendly, relaxing environment for all of their players. With its growing community, SkittleMC has hundreds of players on at a time and is ranked in the top 30 minecraft servers in the world!

Why is SkittleMC different compared to other servers?

  • Firstly, SkittleMC is a complete survival server which allows you to claim your own land. This means other players aren’t able to destroy any of your hard work.
  • Also, /fly is enabled, allowing you to build masterpieces easier.
  • No fall damage is another feature! This means you don’t die when falling from any height.
  • Another fun, interesting command you can do is/marry which allows you to marry others players.

SkittleMC Server IP Address

Want to join the server? Copy this IP into the server address on minecraft multiplayer:

Not interested? Possibly try checking out this other popular server:


Like most servers, SkittleMC have a discord server where you can chat to friends and keep up to date with new announcements. Any help or questions you have, can also be answered on their discord.

Website- Store, Forums etc

On the SkittleMC website, you are able to buy ranks, items and more. These will all help you in the game and make your life much easier! You are also able to access their forums where you can apply for staff, read the rules, chat about general things and more. Reading the rules can be important, so you don’t break them. If any rules are broken, it can lead to a mute, temporary ban or even a permanent ban from the server.