vikkcraft server ip

Minecraft VikkCraft Server IP Address


The VikkCraft Server is a huge minecraft server that is owned by Vikkstar123. Vikkstar123 has almost 4 million subscribers on his main channel, where he is part of the Sidemen. The sidemen are the most popular YouTuber group in the world! In addition, on his second channel where he does minecraft videos, he has 3 million subscribers where he is part of the pack, another extremely popular YouTuber group. On Vikk’s third channel, he is coming close to 1 million subs.

VikkCraft Server IP Address

Interested in joining the server? Then, copy this ip into the server address bar on minecraft multiplayer:

Other Servers

As well as the Vikkcraft server, these are also some other servers that you may wish to play:

Mini Games

Here are some of the most popular mini games that you can play:

  • Lucky Block survival games
  • Prison
  • Sky Block
  • Kit PvP and many more.

Furthermore, the server attracts thousands of players each day to their server.