Minecraft PrimiMC Server IP Address

PrimeMC Server IP Address


PrimeMC is currently ranked the second most popular minecraft server in the world. It is ranked just below the Hypixel server. PrimeMC averages thousands of players on at all times and has over 2.2 million votes for it to be the best server in the world. 

PrimeMC Server IP Address

The PrimeMC server IP address is: play.primemc.org

Just in case if you were interested, the Hypixel ip address: is mc.hypixel.net

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Additionally, PrimeMC consists of many different mini games, such as: Factions, prison, kit pvp and sky wars. These are just a few of many game modes that you can play on PrimeMC.

On the PrimeMC website, you are able to search your own stats and are also able to buy ranks, crates and much more. These can help you in the game, allowing you to have a higher chance of winning. There is also a forums on their website, where you can talk to other players, report other players for hacking and suggest any improvements that the server may need.