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What are PlayerUnknown Battleground masks? How to obtain them.

There are as things stand 6 masks that you can obtain in PUBG. They can all be purchased for cheap by clicking the button below and many can also be found in various crate, so, let’s take a close look at the 6 available masks and how you can obtain them.

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Ballistic Mask – The ballistic mask looks kind of like a black version of the hockey mask as worn by horror legend Jason Vorhees and can be found in Wanderer crates or purchased on the Steam Marketplace. An intimidating mask that will put the frighteners up your enemies.

Gas Mask (full) – Ah the noble gas mask. Very much the survivalist artefact, the full gas mask will make you look prepared for gas or chemical attacks even though in the PUBG reality it doesn’t offer any known protection. It can be found in either Wanderer or Pioneer crates.

Gas Mask (half) – The half gas mask is a rather neat looking, more compact gas mask offering no “protection” for the eyes. It comes in sleek black and looks the part. This mask can be found in Pioneer crates or purchased on the Steam Marketplace.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Bandana – A glance down this page will reveal the shocking true ‘market value’ of this dirty red and grey checked bandana that was only originally available as an item from a pre-order crate. At the time of writing these bandanas are selling for an average price of around $1000! So, suffice it to say this is not an item you are likely to obtain easily. In fact it is probably the most expensive single item on the marketplace. Compare this to back in March 2017 when it was going for around 30 bucks and you will realize that some people will have been very happy with their investments back then!

Twitch Mask – This was an old data mined file. The mask got remade and now it can be found only within the Twitch Prime Box called Twitch Prime Balaclava.

Twitch Prime Balaclava – This is the upgraded Twitch Mask. It is a menacing looking balaclava in dark grey with white and red markings. It was exclusively released in Twitch Prime Box Crates that could only be accessed after activating an Amazon Prime account. Activation potential ceased on 7/7/17 and as of now this is only available on the Steam Marketplace where at the time of writing it fetches just under $15.

PUBG masks are a type of equipment in Battlegrounds. They are, as things stand all cosmetic items only. It is worth re-emphasizing this point for clarity. There are ZERO items in this category that provide capacity or protection. In fact, the only items that provide the capacity to carry more equipment are the Utility Belt, Vests & Backpacks.

So, there are a few masks to choose from, but remember that at the time of writing they are purely cosmetic. That doesn’t necessarily mark the end of the story, however, with many players speculating that in the future masks will reveal their true purpose.