Rocket League Ice Charger Car

Rocket League Ice Charger Car

Rocket League

Customise your own Rocket League Car! The new Rocket League Car called Ice Charger will soon be available on the 4 April. Is it the coolest looking car yet?

You will be able to buy this new Ice Charger car in the rocket league store for $1.99. Alongside the car, with your $1.99 you will also receive 6 different decals for the brand new car. In addition to these different 6 decals, you will also be allowed to customise the Ice Charger to whatever you like. You will also receive some Ice Charger premium wheels. This will all come with the new car.

Wanting to know what the awesome brand new car looks like? Watch the trailer:

In my opinion, the Ice Charger would easily make it into my top 10 best rocket league cars because it looks amazing and you will also be able to customise it, which you cannot currently do with any other cars.