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Rocket League Tournament Beta & February Updates

Rocket League

Wanting to play more Rocket League tournaments? Well, Pysonix are releasing in-game tournaments that will be in beta starting from the 21 and ending on the 23rd of February.

Besides ranked, this is another great way to show off your skill and nerves in competitive matches against opponents. With this new feature only releasing in beta version, for the time being, not everything may be fully released or working correctly. Pysonix will also be looking for player’s opinions to make further improvements for future updates, hence why they have released this in beta.

What is Tournament Beta?

Pysonix has not yet mentioned all the information about it. However, they have told us bits and also brought out a trailer video to keep everyone excited which you can watch below:

Just like other tournaments you may have entered through websites such as Gfinity and more, it will be a similar process. The only differences are that it will only be available for steam players at the moment and on most, in-game tournaments there won’t usually be a prize pool unless it’s a tournament created by Pysonix themselves. Not only will you be able to enter tournaments, but you will also be able to create your own tournaments too!

In addition to this, you will be allowed to set rank limits. For example, you can set your tournament to be only platinum and diamond ranks only, so the minimum rank allowed to enter will be players who are Platinum 1, and the maximum rank allowed to enter will be players who are diamond 3. This enables players to play opponents who are of a similar level. It is also unclear whether or not the tournament beta will include other game modes rather than just 1v1’s.

How to Play the Tournament Beta

Once the beta is out, you may find that you cannot access it through the main game. However, don’t worry! All it takes is a few extra clicks.

  1. Before opening Rocket League, right-click Rocket League when you’re in the library on steam.
  2. Click ‘properties’ which should be located at the bottom of the list and then ‘betas’.
  3. There should then be a drop-down menu for ‘select the beta you would like to opt into’. Select the option ‘tournaments beta’ on this drop-down menu.
  4. Download and your good to go!
  5. To go back to the main game, do the exact same but instead click ‘none’ on the drop-down menu.

You will not be able to access any other playlists on this beta unless you transfer back to the main game by following the same steps as above but in reverse.

Other February Updates

These are a few of the updates that Pysonix will be patching in their mini-update along with bringing out the tournament beta:

  • For players using controllers, the vibration strength will be altered. I’m assuming it will vibrate less but I personally play with keyboard and mouse.
  • The new tsunami beam boost that can be obtained by opening the new Rocket League Victory crate can now be won in a sky blue paint instead of cobalt because the cobalt paint looked too similar to the default colour.
  • After games, if you move up or down a division it should be now correctly displayed.