rocket league training packs & codes

Rocket League Training Packs & Codes!

Rocket League

These are some of the most useful and popular training packs that will improve your game to your best ability. Created by some of the pro Rocket League players such as: Torment, Kronovi, NRG Jacob, GarretG and more, these training packs are designed to improve any mistakes you have in your game.

Rocket League Training

Playing in training mode, is in my opinion the best way to get better at the game. Especially custom training, as this allows you to practice any shot or save that you may have difficulty in achieving within a game. Custom training enables players to create their very own drill. It also allows us to use other training packs that other players have created.


  • New to Rocket League? Or don’t feel comfortable with ground shots, then use this training pack: 6EB1-79B2-33B8-681C
  • Want to improve your goalkeeping skills? Try completing these uncomfortable saves: 5CB2-6D82-1B54-47B7
  • Feel like Jhzer? Here are some freestyling drills to practice: 01EC-E23D-0A0D-7578
  • Want to master the backboard aerials? Then use this training pack: E994-A449-A1D9-4B08
  • Dribbling can be used mainly in 1v1, but also in 2v2 and 3v3 too. So I have personally created a dribbling training pack: 2B47-DA59-C3B0-DE14