Rocket League

New & Popular Games Rocket League

Rocket League is a huge video game played by millions of people and can be played on 5 different platforms:

  • Xbox one
  • Play station 4
  • Microsoft windows
  • Linux
  • OS X

Rocket League is basically a car football game, but imagine the cars with rockets that can go faster and fly. Rocket League can be played on single player and also multiplayer. The single player involves training exercises that can help your aerials (hitting the ball in the air), your saves and shooting practice. You can also choose your difficulty of the training, to Rookie, Pro and All-Star. Multiplayer involves many different game modes, including rumble, competitive matches, solo’s, doubles, 3v3’s ¬†and many other game modes to play.

With Pysonix’s growing community, Rocket League could well be the most popular game in the world in the future!