Best Rocket League Wheels

Top 10 Best Rocket League Wheels

Rocket League

There are many different Rocket League wheels that you can obtain in many different colours and designs too.  You can buy all types of Rocket League wheels in all paints below by clicking the button:

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Also, you can buy rocket league items other than just wheels above, such as goal explosions, banners and any item in the game you can think of!

Due to Pysonix constantly bringing out new, unique and awesome wheels to the game, your favourite wheels may not be featured in this list.

Top 10 Best Rocket League Wheels
      1. Cristiano- The Cristiano wheels are my favourite wheels in the game! The all black wheels fit perfectly in my opinion with the Octane or the Octane ZSR which are the best Rocket League cars as what most people would say.
      2. Season 3 Champion Wheels- The Season 3 Champion wheels are a great way to scare your opponent and show off how good you are. However, they are no longer available to be traded, bought or obtained in any other way because they were only available to be won from the season 3 rewards. Only players who reached the Champion rank or above received the wheels. In other words, only a few percent of all the players in the world received these. Rocket League Boosting  is a quick, cheap and simple method of getting the season rewards you want in future.
      3. Season 3 Star Wheels- The Season 3 Star wheels were also only available if you reached the rising star rank in any of the different ranked game modes.
      4. Zomba- These may not look anything special in the default colour but if you have them in titanium white, then name yourself lucky or rich! These beauties are worth way over £100.
      5. Draco- Another type of wheel that doesn’t look amazing in it’s default colour but just like the Zombas, having Draco wheels in other paints can sell for quite a bit. For example, titanium white Dracos are worth just under £50.
      6. FSL- A pair of import FSL wheels can match any dark/red themed cars with their 5 fire flames connecting to the centre. I personally prefer these in the normal paint which you can purchase for only £1.46.
      7. Chakram- The very rare and cheap wheels can go with any coloured car design depending on the paint you have them in. Sometimes the simplest of designs are the best.
      8. Tunika- A must have in black! Black Tunika wheels are similar to the Christiano ones but black seems to be their only strength colour.
      9. Voltaic- Similar to the FSL but with lighting bolts that change position constantly creating an awesome effect.
      10. Finally, the Chrono just make it into my top 10 due to their impressive bright, animated outcome.