Best ways to score in rocket league

Top 10 Best ways to Score in Rocket League

Rocket League

There are many different ways that you can score goals in Rocket League, but these are my top 10 best ways to score a goal in Rocket League:

  1. Long Shots- Long shots, in my opinion are the best way to score a goal in rocket league because they clear the danger from your opponents scoring on you and instantly put pressure on your opponents to make a save/attempt to make a save. Also, if your opponent has no boost and you get height on the ball, then you are likely to score and you are stopping them for having time to prepare for the shot and get boost.
  2. Dribbling- There are many different ways to dribble. Fake dribbles are a very good way to score a goal. A fake dribble is where you pretend to go one way or pretend to hit the ball, but instead you go the other way or don’t hit the ball at all and wait for them to challenge and miss. Dribbling on top of your car is another type of dribbling. This allows you to be able to flick the ball up into the air, causing trouble for your opponents.
  3. Backboard Aerial- Backboard aerials are extremely hard to master and get good at. However, they are extremely hard to save as you give your opponents very little time to prepare.
  4. Passing- Passing to one of your teammates for them to score can take a defender out of the play, leaving an open goal for your teammate.
  5. Air Dribbles- Air dribbling is very difficult to do and needs practice, but when you get good at them, they are extremely hard to save. If you keep the ball close enough to your car, then it makes it harder for the defender to save it as you are taking many small touches.
  6. Wall- Scoring from the wall is also another great way to score a goal in Rocket League. By going up the wall, you can save boost as you don’t have to aerial.
  7. Aerial- Scoring an aerial goal can be sometime quite difficult. They take practice and skill to score from, but by scoring from the air doesn’t allow your opponent much time at all to save your shot.
  8. Half Flip– A half flip goal can be scored by flipping your car round 180 degrees to face your opponents goal straight on to then score. This can be quicker than just driving backwards and scoring a backwards goal.
  9. Turtle Goal- The turtle goal is a goal for the camera! A turtle goal can be scored by flipping your car upside down and hitting the ball whilst your car is upside down into the goal.
  10. Backwards Goal- A backwards goal is important for when your car is facing opposite to your opponents goal.

All of these goals can be easier to score with certain types of rocket league cars. The best rocket league cars can be good for scoring all of these goals!