top 10 rocket league players

Top 10 Rocket League Players

Rocket League

After 2 world championships and hundreds of other tournaments that took place in 2016, these are what I believe are the Top 10 Rocket League players from 2016:

10.  Over Zer0 – Over Zero won the RLCS season 1 world championships with Lachinio and Kronovi. However, he failed the qualify for the finals of the RLCS season 3.

9. Remkoe- Remkoe has been finished 3rd place in both season 1 and 2 with Northern Gaming.

8. FireBurner – FireBurner is the captain of NRG Esports and was their leading goalscorer and saver in the RLCS season 2. In both world championships, he has just missed out on reaching the semi-finals.

7. Maestro – Maestro has been in Northern Gaming for both RLCS seasons. He has came 3rd in both, just missing out on reaching the final each time.

6. M1k3Rules – M1k3Rules took a break from competitive matches near the end of 2016 and didnt compete in RLCS season 2. However, in season 1, he was a huge part in helping Flipsid3 Tactics reach the final.

5. Kronovi – You may know Kronovi from his YouTube channel with over 200k subs! In season 1, Kronovi won the world championships with iBUYPOWER Cosmic.

4. Lachinio – Lachinio in season 1 also won the world championships with Over Zero and Kronovi and is currently in a new team with Squishy Muffinz and Torment.

3. gReazy – gReazy in season 1 came 3rd place with Northern Gaming and then in season 2, he joined FlipSid3 Tactics who went on to win the world championships in season 2.

2. Markydooda – Markydooda has been with FlipSid3 Tactics both seasons and in season 1, they came runners-up and then came back in season 2 to win the world championships, showing consistency to perform on the big stage.

1.  Kuxir97 – Kuxir97 has also been in FlipSid3 Tactics both seasons, coming second and first. Kuxir97 is said by many people to be the best in the world.