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Who Will Win RLCS Season 4?

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The top teams in NA and EU have been battling it out to qualify for the world championships over the last few weeks. We have finally narrowed it down to the top 4 teams in both NA and EU.

Vote here for who you think will win the Rocket League Championship Series Season 4:

This Poll has ended. Cloud 9 won your votes with 43%, G2 Esports with 21%, and PSG Esports with 14% were your top 3 voted teams. 

NA Teams

Cloud 9


  • Squishy Muffinz
  • Torment
  • Gimmick

NA Ranking: 1

Cloud 9 will be going into the RLCS finals seeded number 1 in NA, making them one of the heavy favourites. However, anything can happen in Rocket League which showed with Cloud 9 (known as Iris last series) who were seeded number 1 in NA but then failed to even qualify for league play, leaving them out of the top 8 in North America. After replacing Lachinio with their sub Gimmick, Cloud 9 have been the team to beat when they won DreamHack, beating many of the top teams in the world.

Ghost Gaming


  • Klassux
  • Lethamyr
  • Zanejackey

NA Ranking: 2

Ghost Gaming are a newly formed team when all 3 players left their teams after season 3. Only Lethamyr qualified for the world championships last season with his old team Denial Esports.

After beating Fly Quest and G2 Esports comfortably, it gave them a spot in the final of the North America playoffs, making them looking strong for the world championships. However, they ended up losing 4-1 to C9 in the final.

NRG Esports


  • GarrettG
  • Fireburner
  • Jacob

NA Ranking: 3

NRG impressively wiped out Rogue 4-0 in the playoffs which allowed them to qualify. They unfortunately got denied by Cloud9 in the semi finals to regain their number 1 spot in North America for the 4th season running. However, in the 3rd place play off, NRG showed strong positive signs by beating the on form G2 Esports team 4-1. NRG’s experience of playing together in all 4 competitive seasons and being at the world championships all 3 times may give them an advantage over any other team.

G2 Esports


  • Kronovi
  • Rizzo
  • Jknaps

NA Ranking: 4

G2 got off to an amazing start which lead them to finishing 2nd place in the league play, just missing out on the number 1 spot over C9 on games for. This meant that they had already qualified for the finals, taking the pressure off for the playoffs. Kronovi will make his return to the world championships after not qualifying since he won it in season 1. In other words, you could say Kronovi has a 100% win record when playing at the world championships. Despite G2 getting knocked out by Denial Esports last season in the deciding game at 3-3 to qualify, they are definitely one of the ones to look out for.

EU Teams

Gale Force Esports


  • Kaydop
  • ViolentPanda
  • Turbopolsa

EU Ranking: 1

With Kaydop and Turbopolsa the new editions to the team, Gale Force are looking much stronger than last season when they failed to qualify for the finals. In the deciding match for who qualifies, they knocked out the RLCS season 2 champions Flipsid3 Tactics. Gale Force then went onto getting their revenge against PSG Esports and Method to claim the number 1 spot in Europe. Turbopolsa will be looking to claim his second RLCS title after he beat Kaydop’s team (Mock-it Esports) in the final last season.



  • al0t
  • Metsanauris
  • Mognus

EU Ranking: 2

Method will be facing NRG Esports in the quarterfinal of the LAN finals. With their great form in league play, Method will be feeling confident going into the finals. However, with none of the 3 players ever been to LAN, they will have to prove to the fans that they can perform just as good on stage as online.

Mock-it Esports


  • Fairy Peak
  • Paschy90
  • Freakii

EU Ranking: 3

The 2 new players in the Mock-it team will hope to improve on the previous mock-it Esports team who impressively finished 2nd in the LAN finals. In league play, Mock-it failed to beat any of the 3 teams above them, which meant they finished 4th. But in the playoffs, they managed to beat PSG Esports in a tight, thrilling match which went right down to the wire 4-3.

PSG Esports


  • Bluey
  • Chausette45
  • Ferra

EU Ranking: 4

After PSG’s strong start to the league play, they were able to finish 2nd but then weren’t able to win any matches in the playoffs meaning they are seeded 4th in Europe going into the world championships.